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Hi there reader!

I have always wanted to hear my readers travel stories & I’ve decided to open DanVenture Travels to include stories from you. Something amusing, entertaining or thrilling always happens when you travel. Why not share that with me & be featured on a blog with 11.5K followers?

Get in touch through the Contact tab at the top of this page or by emailing I’m thoroughly excited to read any responses!

Follow the DanVentureTravels Facebook page for other travel posts & use #DanVentureTravels on Instagram so I can follow your adventures.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels


4 thoughts on “Your Story – DanVenture Travels

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  1. This sounds like a lovely idea. A couple of questions – do you have word limit, would travel writing/experiences that is previously published in the form of a blog be acceptable, or do you need a fresh piece? And would you prefer a photograph to go with the piece of writing?

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    1. Hi there Prerna.
      I would like the piece to be roughly 500 words, however that can be adjusted based on the piece.
      I’m not particular about the piece being fresh, any travel writing you are willing to share will be looked at.
      With regards to a photograph, it would be nice to have a visual aspect to the story. If you have one or more to accompany your piece, that would be lovely.
      I’m excited to hear more!

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