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Welcome to DanVenture Travels.

As you have guessed, I’m Dan. If you missed my introduction post, you can read it here.

My aim with this blog is simple – to bring entertainment & a few laughs through some of my travel stories. If I’ve brought that to you, I’ll be over the moon. I must have a humorous outlook on life or my personality attracts amusing scenarios, either way I have quite a large selection of these funny travel stories to tell.

I appreciate any support from you guys & would love to get to know you as well. If you know someone who would enjoy reading one of my posts or if one of my stories brings up a memory with you & a loved one, please feel free to share it with them via one of the sharing options available.

Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting.



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      1. Yes, I’m from Vietnam. Absolutely, I don’t know which is the best place cause Vietnam has many wonderful places. If you want to explore the culture of the minority, you should go to the mountains on the north like Sapa. If you want to explore one of the largest caves in Southeast Asia, you can come to Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng national park. And many other good places to go.

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  1. Hey there! I just found your blog. I took a quick look and I absolutely love your travel and writing. I haven’t really looked through all your posts yet but I wonder if you’ve ever been or want to travel to the Philippines? We have lots of amazing beaches! HAHAH. #Shamelessplug

    Keep writing! I’ll live vicariously through your travel blog, Dan. Nice to meet you!

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    1. Hi there & nice to meet you too!

      I have been to the Philippines once before. Unfortunately I was only in Manila for work & didn’t get to see much of the country. I have been wanting to go to Cebu for a long time though.

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      1. Oh, that’s too bad. There’re a lot places to visit here in the Philippines. Not just Manila. Cebu is lovely. Hope you get to visit our archipelago one of these days. Enjoy and keep safe out there! ’til then, I’ll be browsing your blog posts. Hahah!


  2. Hi there, just read over your blog, I have enjoyed reading about your travels. I am looking forward to continuing to read more. From one traveller to another. Cheers!


  3. Hi Dan! I love travel blogs. I’ve never been overseas, but I’ve been all over the US and Canada. What I love most about travel is how surreal it is. It’s fun to step out of your car/airplane/bus and think wow… this is weird, man!

    It’s like being in a Tim Burton movie, but without having to audition for it! XD


  4. May one day soon, you’ll be able to proudly say that you’ve traveled all throughout the globe. And maybe one day into space, who knows. Carry on traveling and writing, I’m a big fan of both


  5. My personality has led to some entertaining stories as well Dan… like the one time I licked bear spray by accident and thought I burnt my tongue off… I don’t get to travel much so I am looking forward to reading about yours and thanks for the like on my little mind space 🙂


    1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by on my blog. I haven’t got any trips planned as of yet, but once it is safe to travel I will be going to my home country to see my loved ones. I would like to experience Canada at some point though, I’m just not sure when that will be.

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      1. Firstly to Cairo circa 1989 when I was about 13 then Cairo again, Luxor twice, Taba and Aswan. Incredible country it really blew me away! Met amazing people and saw unforgettable sights. I went with both my parents, friends and husband and would definitely go again!! 😍

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  6. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. As a fellow traveler, I too like to have fun and make others laugh. I hope we can help each other. I am looking forward to getting back to traveling when COVID 19 is diminished.


  7. Hi Dan, I am enjoying some of your posts. A heads up, your intro link above is broken.
    I love to travel. I have finally reached a point in life where financially and logistically I can do more adventures. . but then ironically the Pandemic hit. Being American means I’m grounded. I should have been spending summer 2020 in Scandinavia 😥 It has been rebooked for 2021, so fingers crossed!
    Where are you hunkered down during Covid?

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    1. Hi there, thank you for letting my know about the link – I looked into it.
      I’m sorry to hear that your travel plans have been postponed, but I am confident that your Scandinavia trip will be very special when you do get the chance to take it.
      I’ve been in Doha, Qatar during the pandemic.

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  8. Kia Ora from New Zealand Dan! A late thank you for following my travel blog. Looks like we’ve both had some wacky adventures, and that is but one of the many reasons I enjoy travel. As Rick Steve’s once said, “Keep on Traveling”, and I will continue to do the same. COVID or no COVID, NZ is one of the safest places to be right now. 5,000 of us international travelers “stuck” here…and enjoying every day of it.

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  9. i have been dreaming of traveling all over the world for years and shall one day do that myself. reading travel blogs like these gives me so much inspiration.


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