DanVenture Travels Update

Hi reader!

After receiving a few messages, I decided to write this post to ensure you that I haven’t abandoned the blog & that I will be posting new content on the blog as well as Instagram & Facebook (So follow those accounts if you don’t already).

One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting is the fact that I haven’t been traveling or exploring. I’ve been quite tide up with work & on top of that, travel is not as simple as it was. The good news to those bitten by the travel bug is that more & more countries are opening up to tourists again. Meeting all the entry requirements for these countries sometimes seems like a huge task, but it is doable.

People are beginning to travel again. This is really good news. I have full confidence that the aviation & hospitality industries are ensuring that this is done safely. The number of people employed in these industries is staggering & the downturn had far-reaching effects. The recovering travel sector is more exciting for me knowing that it is saving jobs rather than the prospect of me being able to see the world again. Having said that, the seeing of the world will happen again. I’m optimistic.

That’s what I want to leave with you – things are getting better… and soon you’ll have more posts of me doing something embarrassing in some part of the world.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels


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  1. I’ve likewise been busy just working and laying low with travel, especially internationally. We’ll see how things continue as the world tries to get the pandemic under control!

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  2. So agree with the wonderful fact the travel and hospitality industry jobs can be coming back! I, also, have faith in their wisdom and skill to minimize risk! May we all travel thoughtfully and with gratitude!!

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  3. Hey! Looks like we’re in the same boat with the budget traveling and limited days off. Gotta squeeze in as much as possible with as little money…and we have three little ones to go with us. It’s all worth seeing the country and world though.

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    1. Hi there Sunayna! I apologize for the delayed response. This question is quite a tough one to answer so I had to think about it for some time. My brother & I travelled in the west of India in 2017 & I took a solo trip to Cambodia in late 2019. I would say these two have been my favorites.


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