The Metro Card & New Money – Doha, Qatar

It has been a hot minute since I posted an update here. My excuse this time? Well, life has actually just been boring. I mean, in blogging & entertainment terms it has been boring. I’ve been going to work & spending time with friends – not really things to write about.

I miss traveling so much & I hope to be back with more exciting travel stories as soon as I can.

For now, all I have to talk about is life in Qatar & I’ll be sharing two things about that in this post.

Firstly, I use the metro as my primary means of transport. It is still a little bit of a novelty for me because this isn’t a realistic option where I’m from. The Doha Metro system is comprised of 3 subway lines & 37 stations. Each station has at least one bus route, although most have more than one route. A single trip costs Qar2(USD 0.55) & the bus service is complimentary for metro users. The trains & stations are modern & kept spotless. While the bus system can be a bit unreliable at times, the trains run frequently & on time.

The inside of one of the trains.

Three days ago, I topped up my metro card before going to work with enough money for about a month’s worth of trips to & from work. It must have slipped the wrong way when I was putting it in my pocket because I dropped it. I didn’t realize until about 9 hours later when it was time to go home. I mentally wrote off the card & the trips. I walked back to the metro station &, I kid you not, my metro card was lying right outside the entrance of the station. How cool is that?

The second thing I wanted to write about is the money. Qatar recently introduced new banknotes. The transition is still happening so both old & new notes are in circulation. I feel like this would be okay if they’d kept the colors fixed to note values, but they haven’t. The new 1 riyal note is the same color as the old 5 riyal note, the new 5 riyal is similar to both the old 1 & 100, the new 10 is the same color as the old 500 & the newly introduced 200 riyal note is the same color as the old 10 riyal note. It’s quite confusing especially when you need to pay for something quickly. Other than the change of color, I think the new banknotes look good & having unfamiliar notes in my wallet makes me feel like I’m traveling again.

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Keep traveling, keep safe.

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29 thoughts on “The Metro Card & New Money – Doha, Qatar

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  1. That sounds so confusing and many people will be losing money no doubt
    I find when you accept something is not going to happen ..hence your card..the opposite happens haha if you know what I mean 🤔

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  2. I’ve done that before drop my debit card and someone turned it in instead of use. I’m glad we still have people considerate enough to return something that doesn’t belong to them. Man it must be irritating with new colors because your so used to something else. But I do agree it makes you feel like your traveling. US money is all the same just green 😂.

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  3. Don’t worry, we all miss travelling… Since I recently started to blog regularly, it’s nice to catch up on “old news” and blog about previous travels… 🙂


  4. I lost my monthly metro card once, but with the Washington DC Metro, we can register our cards online beforehand and if lost we can transfer the money stored to a new card. We have about 6 metro lines, and is by color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and silver. The fare is a little high in DC area and is calculated based on distance traveled and time of day. For me a trip into downtown is around $4.50 and $1.35 for the bus transfer. For tourists, it might be cheaper to buy a daily/weekly pass, though the pass can’t be used during the peak hours. For some of us, it might be cheaper to drive/use uber into downtown than to take the Metro/maybe true for tourists as well.

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  5. The trains look so nice! Can they come and revitalise ours? Some of the tubes are really tired looking these days.
    Really fortunate you lucked out and finding your card again too, particularly as you’d just topped it up.

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  6. So I grew up in Saudi Arabia as a child. Sorry to hear the colors are different which does make it confusing on the domination….but chance, is there a Silver band/strip through the riyal? As a kid we used to try and pull them out even though this would destroy the riyal…☺

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  7. Perhaps there is an honesty to the culture… that your metro card was not picked up and used by someone else. In Japan, you can often find a wallet, scarf, or even a phone set out near where it was lost, so the seeker can find it. No one will take it. So trusting!


  8. Sometimes humanity really does show us there is hope. And – pun absolutely intended – I hope the similarity between old and new banknotes provides you more joy of feeling like a traveller than confusing of not knowing how many to use to pay for what!

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  9. Living in London I can only envy you that Metro system although it is almost a year since I was even allowed to use ours. We cannot even leave the house now except for “essential travel”. I honestly never thought I would miss the London Underground, what crazy times we are living through.

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  10. I also hope we can start travelling agai soon, thus in the meantime I keep myself up by using my mind, as many have said that sometimes you can go further using your imagination. New adventures in life are what makes it so interesting! ~☆
    Also, the new money part was indeed confusing lol ^^


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