Home Coming

The last time I left South Africa, I had planned to return 19 days later. Then Covid-19 happened. 19 days turned into 233 days. I feel silly because that is only about 7.5 months & I know that people have been away from home for longer, but it was the longest I was away for. On top of that, a health crisis happened in my country. (Yes, I’m very well aware that it is a global crisis) However, after 233 days, I finally returned to South Africa. The Government eased restrictions on the 1st of October & finally allowed international travel.

Maybe the pandemic forced me to grow up or maybe I was simply too naïve before, but I learnt that nothing in this life is more important than the people in your life. I moved to the Gulf for a job – financial stability. Seems pretty shallow in the grand scheme of things. Nothing in this world can take the place of hugging your mother, getting advice from your dad, joking with your siblings or spending time with your girlfriend. Nothing.

I could write so much about how much I have missed & how much South Africa has changed & it could be such a negative post. I’m not going to do that though. I will say how amazing South African weather is. Arriving in Johannesburg during the jacaranda tree blooming season was a phenomenal cherry on the top. The horrible winter sky that I hate so much was gone. The afternoon “Highveld” storms were happening. South Africa is truly blessed with good weather.

Another amazing aspect that is often overlooked is the South African hospitality & how, generally speaking, people are friendly. There is just something about hearing the numerous greetings in the multiple languages. It is special.

I think when the easing of restrictions kept getting postponed & things just seemed to be getting worse, it was easy to become despondent & believe it would be ages before I would get to see my loved ones again. I don’t know what the future holds & I have no clue what new twists the pandemic may bring, but for now, I am content that I finally got to experience home.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. Welcome home. I actually met one of your fellow countrymen (women) the other day. She lives here in South Carolina and I caught that unmistakeable accent right away. We had a great conversation. Amazing who you meet day to day.

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  2. “I moved to the Gulf for a job – financial stability. Seems pretty shallow in the grand scheme of things. Nothing in this world can take the place of hugging your mother, getting advice from your dad, joking with your siblings or spending time with your girlfriend. Nothing.”

    For this very reason, I could not move to Germany leaving my family behind. Reading this post made me feel I wasn’t stupid after all to feel that way. Thanks for writing it.

    Bless you.

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  3. Welcome home!

    I agree – nothing beats being able to see and be close to your family. My family have asked when I will be coming back for a visit. I had to answer honestly and say I genuinely don’t know.

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  4. I’ve met a lot of South African friends here in Saudi Arabia!

    I am glad you’re able to get home safely! Take care and enjoy your time! Have you left Qatar for good? Or are you vacationing?

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  5. Congratulations on your home return. You are very right. Nothing compares having your loves ones next to you knowing they are healthy and safe. Every moment matter. Keep safe Dan and thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  6. Highveld thunderstorms, the soft rain in the WC, the smells and sounds that is typically SA…welcome back. 🙂 My son left for Ireland at the beginning of Sept., I hope he comes to the same realization that you did…

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  7. I love being somewhere where everyone is friendly… and inviting. That’s the way to be, surely during these times. It must feel amazing! Thank you for sharing.


  8. That bit about spending time with your girlfriend hit me hard. I had to move to another region in my country. It’s a six hour journey by road but I just moved here and I want to get back up on my feet before I start working out how and when to see her. I miss her so much


  9. Nothing like home, hey 😉 … and to be surrounded by your family (and don’t forget your friends!) But it is also great visiting other places, learn about other cultures and eating unfamiliar (but most of time delicious) food – I guess its all about making memories – yes, we like that!


  10. That is quite the story! South Africa is certainly on our list. We went backpacking in 2018 for 7 months, I couldn’t imagine not being to leave a place for that period of time! What did you do during your stay?


  11. It has certainly been a tough time all round and I am glad you eventually made it home, especially with the jacaranda in bloom, that must have been wonderful. Let’s hope it will all get sorted out soon.


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