A 10,000 Thank You

DanVenture Travels recently passed 10,000 followers & I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post & any other posts you have read. There’s almost a vulnerability that comes with publishing your work on a public platform & having people recognize that work builds confidence.

Thank you to every follower. It means a lot to me that you would want to see my content regularly.

Thank you to every person who has ever shared one of my posts on your social media accounts. I didn’t realize how far the average person’s social media reached until I started paying more attention to where my page views were coming from. A single share can potentially send numerous people to my blog. I am appreciative of these shares.

Thank you to the readers who email me & ask when the next post will be published. You guys are the ones who keep me from being lazy.

To the people who send mean messages & leave rude comments, thank you. This proves to me that I’m doing something right. The same goes for people who steal my content – things with no value don’t get stolen.

Thank you to the people who leave encouraging comments & share their experiences – I love this because it allows me to feel connected & grants me the opportunity to learn more about you.

A very special thank you to SirPeterJames who consistently & fully supports this blog on his site. Check out his website if you have some time to spare.

When I started DanVenture Travels, I wanted to provide a chuckle or two to whoever came across the blog. Although the blog has changed slightly, that is still my main goal. Truthfully, I thought it would reach a few hundred people & then die down; I never thought it would gain the audience it has. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this blog. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get to 20,000 followers?

In the meantime, like the DanVenture Travels Facebook page & use #DanVentureTravels when posting on social media so I can follow your travels.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels


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