Quarantine & Boredom – Brisbane, Australia

Here’s the story of what my last few days have been like. Because of it being the only topic in the media & apparently the only thing people are capable of speaking about these days, I wanted this blog to have as little mention of the virus that shall not be named as possible. However, all of what I’ve experienced in the last few days has been thanks to Covid-19.

At the moment, if you are allowed to enter a country, you will most probably be required to go through a 14 day quarantine period & coronavirus test. Some countries allow home quarantine, but many are using hotels as quarantine facilities. You can imagine that this is taken very seriously.

I entered Australia through Brisbane Airport & it happened to be on the day the country had reported their highest number of new cases within 24 hours to date. From the time we left the aircraft, border security officers were around to make sure everyone was observing social distancing practices. Going through immigration was similar to an interrogation & although this can be normal, it was so much more serious. After clearing immigration, there was another checkpoint & this one was more of a health & quarantine check. The people working here were making sure all our quarantine arrangements were finalized & also getting a history from us – where we had been & who we had been in contact with over the last little while. This ended with each person being read a statement of what the consequences of breaching quarantine requirements would be & in all honesty, it felt like I was being read my rights & being arrested.

Australia & New Zealand Customs are infamously strict & every time I enter these countries, I feel like I’ve done something wrong simply by being. I believe the pandemic has made customs officers a lot more thorough in their jobs. So going through customs was far more intimidating than I have experienced in the past.

We left the airport & went straight to the hotel where we were to be quarantining (is that even a word?). You aren’t allowed to leave your hotel room. Yes, I know what the word quarantine means & most of the world’s population did experience a lockdown, but I don’t think you understand what staying in a single room is like. The windows don’t open so that means no fresh air. We are allowed to have things delivered & to order room service, but the things get brought to your door, the person knocks on your door & runs away. Trying to keep my mind occupied is challenging & the level of boredom I’ve hit is crazy.

Like I said, I didn’t want to mention the virus, but quarantine is a result of it & a reality for many people traveling now.

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Keep traveling, keep safe.

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23 thoughts on “Quarantine & Boredom – Brisbane, Australia

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  1. This pandemic sucks alright but you’ll get through it – I find mahjong and Free cell help kill time when bored but putting together a book of the funny things that have happened to you sounds like a great plan. Don’t worry there are many more adventures awaiting you down the road. Take care

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  2. That doesn’t sound like much fun. Australia and Fiji is on my radar for my next trip but I don’t want to spend all that money if I’m quarantined for 14 days. I live in Canada and the airfare alone is about $1500 CDN. I think I’ll keep planning for now and wait it out 🙂


  3. Well, fortunately for us our travel plans were cancelled. This prompted me to rush during May to come up with alternates. We rented an RV and traveled from Louisiana to South Dakota (Mount Rushmore) and Wyoming (Yellowstone). We did this during 1st week of July. Best trip ever. We masked up when out of the RV and distanced ourselves. We: my 80yr Mother, sister, niece, and 2 granddaughters, we able to enjoy the center states and no illnesses. Here’s to you that things will change to the better. Happy Trails.

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  4. Hi Dan, I’m sorry that you have to deal with the stress of being stuck in hotel quarantine. I’m sure it’s super boring too. May I ask why you decided to travel to Australia at this time? I hope it wasn’t for a sad reason because I thought the borders were closed unless travel was necessary or you are a resident.

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  5. Sorry to hear you have to be stuck in quarantine for two weeks. I have an expat friend with two teenage daughters here in Croatia from Australia who has been separated from her husband for months because first, he couldn’t get a flight out to Croatia (he has family here) and now because he was so unsuccessful, she tried and keeps getting bumped from her flight into Australia. She knows once she does get in, she will have to quarantine for two weeks with her two daughters, one of whom is a diabetic. Things seem a little extreme there to say the least. I hope you are surviving okay. What weird times we are living in!

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  6. Can’t imagine being locked in for 2 weeks, that must have been difficult for someone who enjoys the outdoors.

    I live in Perth Western Australia and we have been restricted to travel only in our state, we cannot travel to other Australian states let alone to other countries…. hopefully this ends soon and we can go back to what we love to do.

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  7. Sorry Dan your introduction to Oz was a little difficult but it seems worthwhile as we have no C19 now and I guess that is the aim of it all. I wish you happiness and lots of good experiences here Dan and I hope Oz is kind to you and you leave with a good impression.

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