Arabic & Picturesque – Tunis, Tunisia

A country that surprised me in many ways was Tunisia. I guess it is pretty easy to have your expectations exceeded when you don’t have any to begin with. I have been to Tunis, Tunisia twice for work reasons & both visits were wonderful experiences. Admittedly, I didn’t do all that much research before going the first time & that meant I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. I was pleasantly surprised.20190217_165720

The arrival procedures were pretty standard for a north African country; everything seemed loud & confusing, the airport had little ventilation & there were crowds of people. After passing immigration & waiting for what seemed like an eternity, we got our baggage. We checked into our hotel & had the afternoon to go explore a bit.

The hotel had an ATM in the lobby & I decided to withdraw some cash before I headed out with some of my colleagues. The ATM had English & Arabic as language options. Naturally, I chose English & went through the steps. On the final step, the transaction was denied & my card was spat out. Weird. I tried again & the same thing happened. My one colleague came & tried & she had the same outcome. We assumed the machine was broken. A third colleague was joining us & he wanted to try the ATM. He understood basic Arabic & as a type of self test, he used the Arabic language. He went through all the steps & the machine promptly distributed the money. He then helped our female colleague with her withdrawal using the Arabic setting & sure enough, she got the money. I tried again with English – no money. We tried with Arabic – money. I don’t know if this is normal, but it became a big joke to us. “Not even the ATMs understand us here”20190217_182647

We got a taxi & made our way to Sidi Bou Said which is a beautiful little town known for its architecture. Stunning buildings painted blue & white. It is situated on a steep hill & overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve never been to Santorini in Greece, but I assume the buildings are similar. I really felt like I had been transported into a different world & I had absolutely no idea this type of setting could be found on the African continent. We spent the afternoon & evening taking in the beauty of the town, visiting the shops & having a good meal. Being in such a breathtaking place with the sun setting & a gentle sea breeze blowing is one of the best highlights I’ve had in my life.20190217_164658(0)

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to go back & see other parts of Tunis & I’ll be equally excited if I ever get the chance to go again.20190217_164817

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this place with us. It’s nice to virtually visit a place during these times.

    Seeing your blog makes me sad. My aunt travelled with you and got offers on your site, tickets, often. She’s the one who introduced me to your site…


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  2. You have the best trips! That ATM was funny, but thank goodness for your friend who was able to help! Phew!

    The evening and the beauty, I could really imagine it!

    Good to see you again!

    Peach and Batman!


  3. I enjoyed this so much. So much beauty that you shared, and of course, I love all the pictures! It was so funny about the ATM machines and your comment hilarious “even the ATM’s don’t understand us here.” Very nice insight into traveling for somewhat of a “non-traveler”. I can live vicariously through you! ☺️

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  4. Thank you for sharing the beauty of a country whose appeal can often be clouded by bad press.

    The buildings look beautiful! Might have to take a trip myself once this is all over…


    1. I totally agree. I think it looks beautiful and I might have to highlight Tunisia when I do a series on African countries for my blog!

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  5. Looks like a beautiful place. I guess I’ll have to brush up on some Arabic if I ever need money though 😉


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