Walking & Speeding – Rome, Italy

I’ve written a post about being in Rome before, you can find it here if you missed it. Rome is absolutely beautiful & no matter where you look, you’ll see something interesting. However, it is jam packed with tourists &, my all time favourite, traffic.

I really enjoy walking around the city with no specific destination because I enjoy the feel of the city & I always come across great little restaurants & picturesque alleyways. Anyway, as I stated in my last post about this place, there are thousands of people out there who do a much better job of describing the city than I do so I’ll just stick to what happened to me.

Myself & 4 friends had spent the afternoon walking around the city. Other than being caught in a sudden & short shower of rain, we were blessed with brilliant weather & now that it is summer, the sun only goes down at around 8pm. We found a small rooftop restaurant overlooking the Colosseum & ordered pizza – cliché, I know, but it was wonderful.20190713_201440

After dinner, we made our way back to where our hotel’s shuttle would be collecting us. This walk did take much longer than expected because everyone kept stopping to take photos. We got to a pedestrian crossing & waited for a gap in the traffic. I should state that none of us come from countries where motorists actually stop for pedestrians so we were all extremely careful when crossing streets. One car stopped & the driver indicated for us to walk. There were no other vehicles behind him so we started walking. We got to just in front of his car when a speeding car came up from behind & went straight into the back of the stopped car. There was a loud crash & the stopped car kind of jumped forward towards us. We all got a pretty big fright & ran to get out the way.

Fortunately, no one got hurt & both drivers were insured, but it is pretty scary thinking of how much worse it could have been.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. It’s great that you had a good time in Rome! Went there a couple years ago and it was just beautiful, despite the heat (I was sweating the second I got out of my room). I live in a city so it was so refreshing to visit historical and picturesque places!

    Great post! Glad you were safe.

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  2. Wow what a fun turned scary experience! I’m also used to cars not paying attention so when we went to Halifax, Nova Scotia on a cruise I was stunned that cars actually stopped to let us cross the street even if they didn’t have a stop sign.


  3. I was just in Rome and can see why you loved wandering the streets. I felt the same! It is one of those cities where you want to find a cute corner to eat some gelato and people watch.

    I am not surprised…the drivers in Europe seem to have fewer rules those in America. Glad you were all alright!

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  4. That pizza looks so good! Rome is indeed a great place to be, I visited in 2013 and fell in love with the food and the people.


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