Bucket List Items & Broken Engines – Krabi, Thailand

Hi again! I’ve finally got some time to write another blog post.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (and if you don’t you can find my pages here & here) or if you know me in person, you would know that I’ve been to Thailand a few times. Admittedly, I have yet to make it to Bangkok, which seems to be like some type of ‘rite of passage’ for travels in South East Asia. Anyway, the parts of the country I have seen have been beautiful, the culture I have experienced has been fascinating & the food I have eaten has been delicious.

I found myself in Krabi & myself & five friends decided the best way to spend the day would be to spend it island hopping. This experience turned out to be crossing off a bucket list item which I wasn’t even aware I had on my bucket list.

We found a tour company willing to take us for the day, paid our dues & we were on our way. We were a bit late so by the time we reached the boat, the rest of the tour group was giving us ‘evil eyes’, but we laughed it off & tried to ease the tension by introducing ourselves. Luckily, it worked.

About 45 minutes into the boat ride, we were approaching one of the islands & the pitch of one of the engines changed. I thought maybe we were supposed to be slowing down, but after the engine gave two or three dying sounds & a puff of black smoke, I gathered something was wrong. Great.

A great sign that nothing is wrong, right?

The skipper tried to convince us that nothing was wrong & it was all part of the plan. He told us he had stopped there to allow us to swim for a while. “A while” being around an hour while he radioed another boat for assistance. This actually worked out really well for us because the spot was perfect for swimming, it was absolutely stunning & the temperature hadn’t peaked yet so it wasn’t uncomfortable to out in the sun.

The problem with the engine got fixed & we spent the rest of the day visiting various islands, snorkeling & lying on different beaches. Although pictures & words don’t exactly do it justice, this day was one of my most memorable while traveling. It was even better that this day wasn’t pre-planned or expected at all.20190220_124934

Have you had an experience similar to this? If so, tell me about it.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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17 thoughts on “Bucket List Items & Broken Engines – Krabi, Thailand

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  1. Hi Dan, Krabi sounds great. We’re in Bangkok after finally leaving India after 7 months and it feels like we have gone through a portal into the future. Clean, amazing food, lovely people, we’re loving it. Happy trails. Bill & Kristen

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  2. On a scuba certification trip to Crystal River, FL circa 1992 our “ProDive Company” wooden boat was boarded by the Coast Guard and written up for many violations including not enough life jackets, unlicensed captain, etc. But unlike you we were forbidden from swimming during the investigation and ordered to return to the dock! Never forget when the officer asked the boat captain what was the year and make of the ‘vessel’ and he replied ‘homemade boat’

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  3. Thailand will always have a special place in my heart. Though I must admit I have never experienced something like you did. Everything went better than expected ^_^

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  4. Hey Dan, well done on enjoying an unplanned moment. Been stuck on a boat for hours and our boat ended up having to rescue the rescue boat. I live in Phuket so if you need tips, give me a shout. 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed snorkeling in the Gulf but even more the month I spent in Vietnam. I fell in love with Vietnam. Who knew, I returned to California, sold up and moved to the south of France…

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