Cold & Closed – Copenhagen, Denmark

I hate cold weather. I believe that winter is the worst of the four seasons. I know it is wrong, but my mood & how I experience a place depends a great deal on the weather. Having said this, you would think that I wouldn’t find myself in a Scandinavian country in January… yet, last month, there I was.

Almost all of me wanted to spend the duration of my time there cozy in bed, but the wanderlust in me couldn’t let that happen. I’ve learned that if I go out looking for something specific, I usually come across unexpected sights & experiences. So I decided to go looking for a souvenir shop. Seems like something pretty easy to find, right?

I went down to the hotel reception & asked them where I could find one of these stores, they told me there’s a good one opposite the entrance to Tivoli. It was a good few kilometers away, but in a city as beautiful as Copenhagen, I was happy to walk & take in the sights. I just didn’t factor the cold into my plan.

I don’t think the ambient temperature was the problem as it was only about 1°C(33.8°F), but rather the wind. It felt as if the wind was piercing all of my exposed skin & seeping into my bloodstream. Everytime a gust of wind hit my face, it actually took my breath away… and not in a good way.

It really didn’t help that I took a few wrong turns along the way – extending this already very long walk.

I found that souvenir shop… and guess what? All that walking & all that winter air & the shop was closed!

I should have found out the name of the shop & Googled the hours it was open, but as I’ve come to learn – everything makes sense in hindsight.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. We start any visit to a new city by striking out, getting lost and annoyed with each other and the place. We repeated this process over and over. Each time we said we should have checked the location/opening hours/route….

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  2. We had a similar problem this past summer in New Mexico. Though we weren’t looking for anything specific, we were wandering around Truth or Consequences, NM. It was boiling hot – over 100 degrees F – and so many places were shut for the season. It gets so hot down there that people abandon it for months at a time in summer – even shopkeepers. It was kind of depressing and not much fun. I thought people only abandoned the cold north in winter. So we came away with this lesson: don’t go there in summer!

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  3. I love Denmark so my opinion is probably biased. I don’t like wind either and I am sure you were very cold. I dress in extra thermals and when it is really too cold to be walking, I pop in and have some hot chocolate to keep me going. Did you have one of their delicious hot chocolate drinks made with melted chocolate. One forgets about the wind then…..

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  4. I’ve only been to Copenhagen a couple of times, but that is definitely true all over Sweden. The place shuts down during the worst of the winter because the Swedes visit their “winter homes” and during the summer as well because they visit their “summer homes”, haha.

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  5. I love Copenhagen! Only been there a couple of times, but it is a sweet city in a tranquil land. I got up early to take some photos of the misty landscape near our hostel in Amager, and three deer came leaping out of the mist and back in again. Magic!

    I went looking to have a danish in Denmark, but they don’t call them that. They call them Vienna bread (wienerbrød). Go figure.

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  6. We went there last Easter (April) with the crazy idea that we’d be able to do some bike rides, forgetting that spring only reaches Copenhagen in May…haha. It was very cold and windy! And a lot of places were closed (not in Copenhagen but outside of it). But we still had a nice time and enjoyed seeing a bit of Denmark. The sun came out on the last day thankfully!

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