Kind Strangers & Unused Tickets – Rome, Italy

Hi there & apologies for being absent on DanVenture Travels for a while, my schedule has been quite busy & I’ve now got time to add an update.


Rome, Italy. There must be millions of blog updates & books written about this city so I won’t waste time trying to accurately describe it. However, Rome is such a beautiful city & I absolutely loved walking the streets & soaking up the ambiance.


I knew that I wanted to go to the Vatican while I was in Rome & I actually felt it was more important than the other sites so in order to make the most of my time, I bought a ticket online before getting to Rome. I booked a slot for 11:30. I decided to walk (as usual) to get a better feel for the city & I usually use Google Maps Offline to find my way around new places. This time, however, I’m not sure what happened, but my map wasn’t accurate & after some time I couldn’t navigate my way around.


I decided to stop & ask for directions. I approached a guy around my age & asked which way the Vatican was. At this point, I wasn’t actually sure I would make there by 11:30. Anyway, this guy was slightly confused at first & then said he would take me. I got super suspicious & thought he would demand a huge payment later on. I explained I didn’t want a guide, but he kept repeating “No payment”. He took me right to St. Peter’s square, told me to enjoy Rome & then disappeared. I wanted to thank him properly, but he didn’t stay for long enough. I’m so grateful though & my day would have been very different if it wasn’t for him.


I was too late for my slot so my pre-booked ticket was wasted. Fortunately for me, there was virtually no line & there were very few people visiting that day. I got to spend time at the Vatican without the crowds that I was expecting.


Overall, perhaps not my usual red-faced, embarrass self, but the day was wonderful & possibly one of the best I’ve had while traveling so far.


Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. Can totally relate to being absent and not keeping up. Thanks for taking the time to post some pictures … Italy is on the bucket list though not sure how long it will be before traveling across the pond. Nice to hear someone was willing to help without wanting $$.

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  2. Yes in deed, there are many good strangers always willing to help. That reminds I of a time I was stranded in Chicago searching for a train station. I was surprised when an amazing middle-aged lady changed directions, took I to the station, and then turned back on her way. Somehow I felt guilt watching her walk back where we came from

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  3. A sort of stream of consciousness to share….

    The layers and layers of history. The fast moving motorcycles. The food, the steaming cappuccino, the spirited people, the bustling open air markets, the gelato, the cozy cafes, late evening dinners, the packed museums, the infinite churches of all sizes, and the storied piazzas, street artists, olive oil, postcards, tourists everywhere, Lots of walking…taking endless pictures, pizza, more pizza, tossing coins into The Trevi Fountain, staring up at the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel, wandering the narrow streets, pasta, the grandness of The Coliseum, the tiny cars, the airy beauty of Piazza Navona….


  4. Another beautiful city I will have the pleasure of exploring this Autumn. The Vatican definitely seems worth the visit!


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