Kind Strangers & Unused Tickets – Rome, Italy

Hi there & apologies for being absent on DanVenture Travels for a while, my schedule has been quite busy & I’ve now got time to add an update.


Rome, Italy. There must be millions of blog updates & books written about this city so I won’t waste time trying to accurately describe it. However, Rome is such a beautiful city & I absolutely loved walking the streets & soaking up the ambiance.


I knew that I wanted to go to the Vatican while I was in Rome & I actually felt it was more important than the other sites so in order to make the most of my time, I bought a ticket online before getting to Rome. I booked a slot for 11:30. I decided to walk (as usual) to get a better feel for the city & I usually use Google Maps Offline to find my way around new places. This time, however, I’m not sure what happened, but my map wasn’t accurate & after some time I couldn’t navigate my way around.


I decided to stop & ask for directions. I approached a guy around my age & asked which way the Vatican was. At this point, I wasn’t actually sure I would make there by 11:30. Anyway, this guy was slightly confused at first & then said he would take me. I got super suspicious & thought he would demand a huge payment later on. I explained I didn’t want a guide, but he kept repeating “No payment”. He took me right to St. Peter’s square, told me to enjoy Rome & then disappeared. I wanted to thank him properly, but he didn’t stay for long enough. I’m so grateful though & my day would have been very different if it wasn’t for him.


I was too late for my slot so my pre-booked ticket was wasted. Fortunately for me, there was virtually no line & there were very few people visiting that day. I got to spend time at the Vatican without the crowds that I was expecting.


Overall, perhaps not my usual red-faced, embarrass self, but the day was wonderful & possibly one of the best I’ve had while traveling so far.


Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels



20 thoughts on “Kind Strangers & Unused Tickets – Rome, Italy

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  1. Can totally relate to being absent and not keeping up. Thanks for taking the time to post some pictures … Italy is on the bucket list though not sure how long it will be before traveling across the pond. Nice to hear someone was willing to help without wanting $$.

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  2. Yes in deed, there are many good strangers always willing to help. That reminds I of a time I was stranded in Chicago searching for a train station. I was surprised when an amazing middle-aged lady changed directions, took I to the station, and then turned back on her way. Somehow I felt guilt watching her walk back where we came from


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