The ATM & The Food Poisoning – Penang, Malaysia

I just got back from a few days in Penang, Malaysia. I had such a great time & I’m really happy I got to experience Penang as I’ve wanted to for some time. Penang Island is an island off the coast of northern mainland Malaysia. Georgetown is located on the island; it is the second... Continue Reading →


Military & Buses – Beijing, China

I absolutely love being in China. I love the cuisine, I love finding the most random things in any shop I walk into & I love how all the busyness & chaos seeps into & overtakes my thoughts & for a while I’m completely lost in my surroundings. I love how everything seems to be... Continue Reading →

Hot & Embarrassed – Doha, Qatar

I moved to Qatar. I do understand that for most people it is a very random place to move to & honestly, sometimes I think the same. The two most common reactions from people are "Where is 'Guitar'?" and "Oh, I have a friend who also lives in Dubai, he/she can show you around." Let me... Continue Reading →

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