The Boy in Lemon Gardens

Hi there & welcome back to a reader's feature! This feature is from Hannah Phillips, you can find her blog here. "On the evening of 25th January 2019, I landed in Seville.  On collecting my luggage, I made a beeline for the bus. Destination: San Bernardo, followed by a brief stroll to Lemon Gardens, my... Continue Reading →

Solo Travel Stigma

Depending on who you ask & where they come from, you will get a difference of opinion on whether or not there is a stigma attached to traveling on your own. While we live in a time when we are largely free to live our lives as we please, we are not free from thoughts... Continue Reading →

Hidden Costs In Travel

We know that flights, hotel bookings, food & experiences take up a huge chunk of our travel budget, but there are other areas of travel that do cost money. These are often overlooked especially if the person is traveling for the first time or new to planning trips for themselves. We’re going to look at... Continue Reading →

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