Birthdays & Waterfalls – Mbabane, eSwatini

Today is my birthday. I decided not to write about a humorous travel incident, but rather keep to a birthday theme because I really like birthdays & even more when I get to travel on my birthday.   I will always be an advocate for unexpected gems found while traveling. Mainstream or popular attractions are... Continue Reading →

Stars & Stares – Gaborone, Botswana

If there is one absolute truth about me, it is that I like airplanes. I love them. To say I am ‘interested’ in any facet of aviation would be a huge understatement. I become like a child on Christmas morning whenever I fly & I always make a special effort to go to some aviation... Continue Reading →

Views & Threats – Nairobi, Kenya

Some places you visit exceed all your expectations, some places leave bad memories & not much else. Due to a number of unfortunate experiences, Nairobi in Kenya is a city that left me with the latter. Quite a number of these bad experiences happened in one day.   I had read about a really good... Continue Reading →

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