Carry-On Bags & Surprise Awakenings – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A little while back I took a flight to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. This flight was a few hours long & the airline was using a smaller, narrow-body aircraft for the trip. The flight was quite full & pretty much every passenger boarded with multiple pieces of cabin baggage/hand luggage with many being very... Continue Reading →

The Boy in Lemon Gardens

Hi there & welcome back to a reader's feature! This feature is from Hannah Phillips, you can find her blog here. "On the evening of 25th January 2019, I landed in Seville.  On collecting my luggage, I made a beeline for the bus. Destination: San Bernardo, followed by a brief stroll to Lemon Gardens, my... Continue Reading →

Mayflower and Mayhem

Welcome back to DanVenture Travels. Today's post is a reader's feature & if you'd like to read more from the author, you can visit Mayflower and Mayhem. "We were just on a road trip from Atlanta out towards the Midwest, and after spending time in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri, we found ourselves on Route... Continue Reading →


Today marks exactly 2 years since I arrived in Doha, Qatar. 731 days have passed since I got off that airplane & the heat whacked me in the face. I think back at how nervous I was & I don't believe that was misplaced. I had never been here before, I didn't know anyone, I... Continue Reading →

Money Talks

In the previous post, we discussed the practice of tipping while you travel. Keeping with the money theme, I decided to share pictures of currencies that I have used & find unusual, interesting or fun to look at. Starting with a note which few people have seen & probably the rarest currency I've used. Djiboutian... Continue Reading →

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