Thirst Quenchers Around The World

Soda. Soft drink. Pop. Whatever you call it, you know what I am referring to – a carbonated, sugary beverage.

I know soft drinks are not healthy at all, but I love them & they might be my biggest guilty pleasure. Different countries have different soft drinks & very often international brands make country specific products. It is super exciting for me to try different soft drinks along my travels. This is a massive topic & could go on for ages so I’ve decided to limit this post to just a handful.

Thums Up

When I was in India with my brother in 2017, I ordered a Pepsi or Coca-Cola in a restaurant & the waiter replied with “Thums up?” and gave a thumbs up. I thought this was an odd response, but I assumed he was just confirming my order so I gave a thumbs up back to him. The drinks arrived & he had brought a Thums Up cola… and the earlier interaction made sense.

Thums Up was launched in the late 1970s when Coca-Cola pulled out of India & it quickly became very popular. Later, when India opened the market, Coca-Cola bought the brand & intended to phase it out & replace it with their own brand. However, it became apparent that consumers would buy Pepsi if Thums Up was not available. Coca-Cola then relaunched the drink. To date, it is the leading cola soda in India.


The first Swiss products which come to mind would most likely be chocolates, cheese, watches & Swiss army knives, not a soft drink. Enter Rivella. This beverage has an interesting taste but is actually really good. It is made from milk whey as well as herbal & fruit extracts. The taste is difficult to explain, but it is less sweet than a typical soft drink & has an almost gingery flavor. The drink is very popular in Switzerland & has been on sale since the 1950s.


This brand alone is large enough to produce many blog posts – I’m just going to list a few facts here. There are over 150 flavors of Fanta worldwide which means if you are traveling to another country, there is a high chance of you getting to try a new flavor. Orange seems to be the most prevalent flavor worldwide, but the formula differs. It will be sweeter in some countries than in others. The color varies from a neon orange to a light yellow. I grew up in South Africa where the flavors pineapple & grape are produced alongside orange. I now live in Qatar where strawberry & citrus are popular.


Lemon & Paeroa, or simply L&P, is a soft drink produced in the country which is often left off of world maps, New Zealand. It has been on the market since 1907, but it is very difficult to find outside of New Zealand. Being a lemon drink, it does have a slightly sour taste, but it has a good balance of sweetness. I think this refreshing beverage might be New Zealand’s best-kept secret.

Sparletta Creme Soda

Okay, so cream soda is not an exotic idea since a form of it is available in many countries. The flavors & colors vary greatly from country to country. Sparletta Creme Soda finds itself in this blog post because it is my favorite soft drink. From what I’ve found out, it entered the market in 1953 in South Africa. It is green & the cream soda flavor is not as strong as other cream sodas, but it has been described as having a ‘floral’ taste. It is sometimes called ‘green ambulance’ in South Africa because it is believed to help cure hangovers.

What are some soft drinks you have found to be interesting? Are there any from your country you think I should try?

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Keep traveling, keep safe.

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39 thoughts on “Thirst Quenchers Around The World

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  1. Have you ever tried the old Italian one, Beverly? They still let you sample it at the Coca Cola Factory here in Atlanta. I keep an open mind about other culture’s food and drinks, and I admittedly enjoy most everything I try. Beverly, however, is one of the worst drinks I’ve ever had 😂

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  2. I don’t like carbonated drinks, so I don’t tend to actively scour them when I travel. From your list, I’ve only had Fanta, as it’s popular in the US. One that I have tried, however, is Inca Kola, which is from Peru: it has the distinctive taste of bubblegum, which wasn’t my thing, but it’s worth a go should you head there!

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  3. Hi Dan, have you visited Scotland yet? It’s a must! You might even see our wee Nessy if your lucky. Our native drink is Iron Bru. The taste is unexplainable yet addictive. Used as an ordinary thirst crusher or for medicinal purpose for a killer hangover 🤕😁

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  4. Fanta is a Coca-Cola Drink. It’s always been around in my lifetime in Australia, and for half that time it was solely ORANGE. in fact the first time i saw alternate flavours was when I travelled in 1999. Some of those flavours appeared here, most disappeared but I think if you search hard enough, you can find raspberry and other flavours. Also, until this century we had a bright, flurescent colour of orange. Nowadays its a paler one. which is the more common one worldwide.

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  5. In the early 2000s I lived and worked in Vienna for 6 months, on a contract with Coca-Cola. I was hugely amused by the Almdudler brand drink that was to be found in the fridges there. Not sure I’d recommend it, but then I don’t much like soda-style drinks.

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  6. My nephew loves Fanta and tries a new kind (if he can find one) when he goes on vacation somewhere new.
    One fizzy drink I distinctly remember trying in Malta (didn’t like it unfortunately) is a drink called Kinnie. It’s made from bitter oranges and herbs, and is very popular there.

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  7. I love Thums Up. It was the cola of my teenage years and the, sadly, no longer available Campa Cola. I can get Limca – an Indian lemon flavored soda – at the Indian store here in Switzerland and occasionally Thums Up in dinky glass bottles – my absolute guilty pleasure! Not that keen on Rivella but it actually does quench thirst!

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  8. Interesting topic. Good idea to sample the soda drinks of different parts of the world. Wish I was adventurous in that sense. Can’t even bring myself to try Cherry Coke. 😪

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  9. Wow, this is fascinating! I love to learn about other countries (particularly food), but I never thought about soft drinks, so I had a lot of fun learning about soft drinks around the world! Thanks for posting.


  10. The Coca Cola World attraction in Atlanta was a fun place to visit and try some ‘worldwide’ drinks such as this, I can’t really if Thums Up was one of them but probably. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Georgia.
    Fanta is probably the one I’m most likely to drink of any of those type of drinks. It’s nice stumbling upon different flavours of it 🙂


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