Electrifying & Inspiring – New York City, USA

With so much happening in the United States at the moment, I thought now is a good a time as any to write my first post set in the US of A.

New York, New York. If there was ever a city to write about, New York City would be it. I’m not alone in thinking that because of all the songs, books, movies & articles written about this place. There is just something about this city. Is it electrifying? Is it enchanting? Is it unforgettable? Yes, yes & yes. There is a bizarre rush of emotions when you visit a place for the first time yet everything seems so familiar. Because of the media attention the city gets, it feels like you’ve been & seen it all before. This feeling of familiarity is quickly rivaled with the feeling of being a tourist because of the fast-paced, unique nature of the city. I was awestruck for the majority of the time I was there.

When people say NYC is a melting pot, they really mean it. Yes, you will find people from every part of the world here. You will also see all kinds of people – anything from a businessman in a suit to a person crossing the street in a patchy clown outfit. You can’t expect what you will see next & somehow, everything seems interesting yet unsurprising at the same time. While cities like London & Paris have this type of diversity as well, New York City appears to have elevated this to the next level.

If you’re reading this blog, you are most likely waiting for me to tell you a short story about how I did something awkward & embarrassed myself. Unfortunately for you, surprisingly nothing of the sort happened to me while I was in New York. Maybe I am finally growing up. I will, however, tell you something I found quite interesting. I went to have breakfast & explore Central Park. I quickly noticed that the benches in Central Park have small plaques on them. Some of these had congratulatory messages for weddings or anniversaries, a few had what appeared to be inside jokes, but most of them were honoring someone’s life. It is quite moving to spend a few minutes reading some of the messages. One in particular which has stuck with me was a message written by the partner of a missing person & it ended with “My efforts to bring you home will never end, my love.” Whilst this bustling city is a novelty for some, these types of things make it evident that it is home for others.

I wish I had a bigger vocabulary & more elegant way of describing one of the most inspiring places in the world, but I just don’t have the words. Having admitted that, I don’t think any writing or description would accurately explain what it feels like to experience New York City. It’s something that needs to felt in person.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. I can relate to your reaction to New York, even coming back to it after several years, I felt the same waking dream feeling, like knowing things before seeing them. New York is not a pretty city and even less an ancient city, but New York fascinates, New York attracts. The city has become the capital of the world, a place of consecration and reference.

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  2. Well done Dan, another brilliant article; having been there once I can identify with your dynamic canvass of NYC! Thank you for sharing and don’t stop, ‘putting it our there,’ your posts benefit so many who enjoy them from the comfort of their armchairs. You may have had other ambitions Dan, but I’m grateful for where you are – you are destined for greater things.

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  3. I visited NY briefly in 2018 and I could vividly see the scenes you’re describing in the blog. I hope to visit again while I’m not being rushed so I can take in all the sights and scenes very well.

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  4. I can totally relate. There was a time New York felt like traveling to the other side of the world to me. Since visiting there twice during the very early 2000’s I’ve had a chance to travel further away than I ever imagined, and New York is at the top of my list of special places.

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  5. Haven’t been to New York before – though definitely in my travel list after corona…but I feel like I know so much from nyc through the media. Can’t wait to actually set foot. Top destination!

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  6. I live near NYC and enjoyed reading this, especially the part where you mentioned the quote on the plaque. NYC has a lot of chaotic energy but it’s also a home to so many, whether for a year or a lifetime. The people that live there can actually be some of the nicest people you’ll meet as well. They might get frustrated if you walk too slow on a sidewalk, but they’ll be there for you if you need help.

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  7. NYC is just one of those places – my son lived there for about 14 years and visited him probably 5 times. After the first time, there were places I HAD to go back to – and places I had to go see. They lived in Brooklyn/Prospect Park and I was amazed that after the first few visits I was more than comfortable jumping on the subway and taking myself places – and walking around Brooklyn on my own. Love it all!

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  8. Hi Dan. I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I went to New York for 24 hours in 2004. I was actually staying in Montreal Canada and took a Greyhound Bus to Manhattan. I was gonna carry on and travel down to Washington but I didn’t carry a cellphone at that point and I was concerned the person I was staying with in Quebec might get worried. I’ve not been to America since. I’m British.

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