Toilet Humour

Restroom, washroom, water closet or lavatory. What you call this room will depend on where you come from, but in most parts of the world you will be able to navigate to this room by looking for a sign that simply says ‘Toilets’. Sometimes this can be quite funny or informative in itself. Instead of describing this to you, I decided to share some pictures I’ve taken of these.


This particularly amusing sign for a men’s toilet was found in the southern African country, eSwatini (Formally Swaziland).


This one isn’t funny or informative, but I took this picture in Japan & the Japanese are known to have complex, futuristic toilets which leads to downright hysterical situations for foreigners.


I took this picture in a restroom in Indonesia; I found it interesting & slightly amusing that the establishment felt the need to place this on the mirror.


I saw this sign in China. You’ll notice the words are written in Mandarin, English & braille. You’ll also notice that the braille is different for the two languages & this is something that many people don’t know – braille is not universal.


Not a toilet sign, but definitely an association I would never have imagined existed. I saw this in Cambodia.


Tongue in cheek toilet sign I saw in Qatar.


I saw this in Malaysia & it made me giggle because it implies that tourists require special toilets or if you aren’t a tourist, sucks to be you.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. Being one who travels and also has to make frequent use of the “restroom”, I’ve seen the toilets of the world. The one that stands out was in a French restaurant which was quite nice but the toilet was a hole in the ground out back. Whaat? I took a picture so people would believe me.

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  2. Traveling in England years ago, we started collecting the squares of toilet paper from various restrooms. We swear they were just waxed paper, but one cathedral we visited actually had added little crosses on the toilet paper.

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  3. Some restaurants here in Texas try to be cute with their names, but I can only imagine how confusing it must be for non-English speakers..or Spanish speakers in some instances… or if you’re not paying attention. I almost walked into the men’s room of an Irish restaurant because I read “laddies” as “ladies”.

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  4. Yes, in U.S. we say “where is the restroom?” In Europe they don’t understand what that means, because to them it means a room to rest. It’s more uncomfortable for us to say “Toilet” which is the preferred verbiage in Europe. Or water closet.

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  5. ROFL (not the toilet floor 😜), the Qatar signage is hilarious… I add something I saw in a London B&B

    Gents: Gentlemen, stand still and aim carefully.
    Ladies: Ladies, please keep seated through the performance.

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