Traveling On A Weak Passport

You’ve got your perfect holiday planned. You’ve booked your flights, made hotel reservations & worked out your itinerary. The only thing stopping you from getting excited is your visa application. Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you? If you are a holder of a “weak” passport, your answer will be yes.

You’ll have to compile a stack of documents from bank statements to letters from your employer. You’ll have to fork out a hefty, nonrefundable application fee. Finally, you’ll have to make an appointment with the embassy or visa application center which might not be in the city you live in. Again, this is something all too real for many people around the world. Although this is annoying, it is unfortunately something that cannot be skipped & because of that, here are some tips that might help you on your travels.

Obtain a Schengen visa.

A Schengen visa gives you access to 26 countries in Europe as well as San Marino, Vatican City & Monaco which all have an open border agreement with certain European countries. Although you’d still have to go through a visa application process, you’d get access to 29 countries with one visa. There are also a few countries which take the Schengen visa as a substitute visa so you could potentially have access to even more countries, but that would depend on which passport you hold & which visa type is valid in it.

Obtain a US visa.

The USA visa is also a valuable visa to have in your passport. This visa holds more power than others & the process to get it is stringent to say the least. On the up side, usually the visa is valid for a number of years & it can also be used as a substitute for a number of other countries depending on your passport. Having a USA visa in your passport might also help you with your future visa applications.

Get stamps in your passport.

Having a travel history won’t reduce travel restrictions for you, but it will indicate to the person reviewing your application that you are a legitimate traveler. Showing that you enter & exit countries proves that you don’t plan on staying forever in their country. I’ve had a visa application rejected because I didn’t give enough proof of previous travel & it is a difficult pill to swallow.

Change your destination.

When I just started traveling, I read a quote that said ‘Let cheap flights decide your destination’ & it had a big impact on how I decided where to go & my mindset on visiting a place. Even the weakest passports have visa free or visa on arrival access to some countries so why not skip a visa application altogether & go to one of these countries? You’ll save time & money & you’ll probably have a great experience in the process. Every country has beautiful aspects, consider going to a country you don’t need a visa to enter.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels


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  1. Dan, those are some great tips on visas and traveling. When I first began traveling many years ago, I learned that flying into a country and having a visa stamped for a short visit did not work when traveling across borders. I was an USA citizen traveling in Central America. In order to get across the border, there was always a person at the border who would grant a visa for a fee. The other option was to wait months to get the visa. Traveling is always interesting!

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  2. This is a helpful post. I think many people are not familiar with the idea of weak or strong passports. I have read articles elsewhere in which the authors tried to say that people with weak passports should give up on travel. I have a weak passport so when I show it to immigration, they ask why I travelled to so many countries. Then I have to explain that I live in a different country. And they ask how I can afford to live in an industrialised country. I’ve also been rejected for tourist visas and asked to apply for business visas instead. Then got processed faster. Upside down world, I guess.

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  3. This is very true. I use a visa service for Vietnam. I was worried at first after paying quite a great deal but it turned out brilliantly as we were met at the bottom of the escalators in Da Nang and whisked through customs. Well worth every dollar


  4. I have one of those ‘weak’ passports….grrrr….and getting a visa to any country was such a hassle at the beginning. But it did get a lot easier after I got a couple of stamps and visas in my passport, some embassies considered me a legit traveler and not a potential illegal immigrant🙄. Thanks for the post and blessings😀


  5. Are there connections that would be useful if your birth country is in the Commonwealth? I’m not sure if that old fashioned notion still has any advantage but I would hope so.
    Anyway, I am enjoying your blog and stories of travel. Always fun to read. I can always benefit from bits of advice as I tend to be the one who accidentally goes in through the exit or takes the wrong train.
    And consider this an open invitation to visit the west coast of Canada once the travel thing straightens itself out.
    Victoria is beautiful pretty much every season of the year. Vancouver has everything you want in a massive city – even more mellow than Seattle, believe it or not…
    Maureen (call me Moe)

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    1. Hi Moe,
      As a person with strong ties to two Commonwealth countries, I know that doesn’t help me when applying for visas or residencies in the UK or any other Commonwealth nations. Unfortunately.

      I sincerely hope you get to see more of Canada this summer. I haven’t made my way to Canada yet, but I really hope to – once this virus dilemma ends.

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  6. When I read about these problems because of the Visa, I am always more than happy to be Italian and owning the 4 strongest passport in the world.
    I cannot imagine how stressful can get for the ones with a weak passport.


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