Restaurant & Hotel – Sofia, Bulgaria

About a month ago, I found myself in Sofia. I was over the moon about this because the Bulgarian capital had been a place I’d wanted to visit for about 3 years. The more of Europe I see, the more I realize how much more I enjoy being in Eastern Europe as opposed to Western Europe. This is purely a personal preference & has no reflection on the places themselves.

Sofia is an absolutely stunning city surrounded by mountains & I was fortunate enough to be there when the mountains were almost completely covered in snow. The architecture is interesting to observe because a lot of the buildings were built in the 1950s & 1960s. I would like to go back to experience the city in summer as the seasons do play a role in the feel of a place.20200229_164314

Now to my story, because what would this post be if I didn’t find myself in an amusing situation? I had spent the day seeing the sights with a few friends & we needed to find a place for a meal. My one friend had wanted to go to a specific restaurant & had roaming data connected so she could use Google Maps to find the place. When we were ready to eat, she looked it up & it was within walking distance. Wonderful. Oh, I did mention there was snow on the mountains which made the scenery beautiful, but I was cold & if you’ve read some of my other posts… you’ll remember that I don’t cope well in the cold. To say I don’t enjoy cold weather is an understatement. So we head to the restaurant. I wasn’t the one with the map, but I started to assume we weren’t on the right track after about 20 minutes. I asked her to check the map again, we had gone the wrong direction. Now we had to walk for another 15 to 20 minutes. This wasn’t all that bad, so I just kept my mouth shut & we walked. When we got to the pin on the map, there was no restaurant. I was hungry & cold – not a good combination. There didn’t seem to be other restaurants around & the people we stopped to ask couldn’t speak English. The best directions we got were “Around the corner.” & that’s where we went. To cut this story short, it still took a little while before we found the restaurant because it turned out to be a very traditional restaurant & it had no signage up. I’m glad we found it & ate local dishes, but I would have been a much happier man if we’d found it about an hour earlier.20200229_151520

With food in our bellies & the sun already setting, we decided to head back to our hotel. The person with the data had the honours of requesting the Bulgarian version of Uber. She showed me the name of the destination before I gave the all clear to request the trip. We talked & laughed the whole way to the hotel, got out the car & walked into the hotel. I looked around & things just didn’t look the same as they were when we left. I asked my friend “Was this chandelier here when we left?”. We all looked around & then at each other & then packed out laughing. We were in the wrong hotel. The company had 3 branches in different parts of the city & the exteriors looked the same. We quickly got another ride & laughed as we made our way to the correct hotel. Overall, a fantastic day in Sofia.20200229_172643

Keep traveling, keep safe.

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  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who walks confidently in the wrong direction! Looking forward to reading a bit more about your time in Bulgaria. I haven’t made it there yet but it’s on the list.

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  2. To wander, to get a little lost and then to find something better..the ideal travellers journey. ..adventure not on the cards for now but Bulgaria a definitely, maybe when we are safe for the world to travel.

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  3. I have just been to Albania in the Eastern part of Europe and I totally loved it, but I cannot yet say if I prefer more the East or the West since I have visited more countries in the western part.
    I think that the best part of travelling are always these things you will remember forever, like walking a lot to find a restaurant etc
    I think that it is always better to walk a lot to find a place, so that you will be able to see more on the way and sometimes even discovering other beautiful places.

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  4. When I get to travel, I wish to see more cultural places & sights. I have walked around in circles sometimes when can’t find a place & has moved recently, especially when you find out that Google has not updated where places go. I love the pictures of Somalia too. Hope that this virus goes away soon through people paying close attention to what their bodies need so we don’t need to go back into this lockdown situation.

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  5. We took a road trip around the west coast of America – I was trying to show my son parts of the States he’d never normally see – and upon arriving back at the hotel, my wife and I decided to take the car back early so we’d have plenty of time in the morning to catch our flights.
    Job completed we found a bus and unbelievably talked the driver into going a little bit out of his way to drop us close to the Holliday Inn. We slipped him a tenner, I think.
    He dropped on the corner of what was a pretty dodgy area, but we could see the Holiday Inn just down the road. We made it without incident, walked in and realised we were in the wrong Holiday Inn!
    We never bothered calling our son, he was about 14 and quite capable of staying in the room and watching a bit of telly. We just sat at the bar and got pissed. Eventually, I think they decided to get rid of us and the hotel actually paid for a car to take us back to our proper Holiday Inn

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  6. I’m glad the local restaurant somewhat made up for the time finding it. Hopefully you will know your way around a bit better if you ever return to Sofia. I feel getting lost on your travels is to some degree a good thing, generally no harm done and it makes for a good story.

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  7. Last year I got a little taste of Eastern Europe during the Baltic cruise my family was on. It wasn’t a place I was expecting to travel to since Americans don’t romanticize that area as much, but now I wanna go back. My health has made me embrace the cold more, but growing up in Texas and mainly traveling to Taiwan as a kid, I can understand how being cold adds to the misery of hunger.


  8. Travelling is such a awesome thing to do ain’t. It expands one’s mind. Your blog is inspiring me to write a couple of incidents I remember whilst in other countries… This is a good one you wrote here. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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